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Artwork provided by Arturo Herman Medrano: arturohermanmedrano.com

1. Gregg Turkington - "Introduction"
-Gregg appeared under the condition that he would not have to listen to any of the music on the comp

2. Mosquito Ego - "Ego Walls"
-Mosquito Ego are from Stuttgart , Germany and feature members of Wolf Mountains, Monsieur Mo Rio, Les Crapules, The Serpentines, Midget, and Metabolismus. Key members have over 20 years experience in Stuggart's avant-garde and experimental music scene, learning how to circumnavigate the rules of conventional song craft. With Mosquito Ego, that knowledge is applied within the confines of "punk" songs, with layers of instrumentation, samples, and sound effects, creating a truly original and atomic soundscape. They prove that to truly bend the rules and offer something original in 2015, you need the experience first (hence why an elder statesmen like Obnox makes most young punks look silly in comparison). Their choice to sing in English was an attempt to confuse German-language audiences, but the surreal quality of their lyrics will have English-speakers scratching their heads as well. "Ego Walls" was recorded in Stuggart, Germany, fall of 2014

Video for "Too Uptight": www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMqj6BigUPU

3. Ivan The Tolerable - "The Smiles In The Tiles"
-Oli Heffernan is the driving force behind Ivan The Tolerable and Year Of Birds. Inspired heavily early on by The Rebel/Country Teasers, he's adopted and surpassed Mr. Wallers work ethic, seemingly releasing a new album every other month. Over the last two years he's evolved from being a Wallers acolyte into becoming one of the most unique and hard working musicians in the UK. This track was featured on 2014's "Family Sandwich" CS and appears c/o of Endless Records.


4. Commiserations - "Gwangi Come Home"
-Commiserations are an up-and-coming Leeds post-punk three-piece, with raw energy and extraordinary forward-momentum. Their dedication to churning out music is beyond impressive and seems effortless. As soon as labels catch on, they'll have about five or so EPs ready to go. This track is an exclusive to this comp. Recorded January of 2015.


5. Pustostany - "Tylko Ty / Only You"
-Pustostany were a one-off collaboration between Poland's Kurws and Maciek Salamon of Gówno. They released a cassette called "2012" - in 2012, incidentally - which will now see a vinyl release this spring on 80/81 Records. One of the landmark albums of the decade so far and I'm proud to take part in its much-deserved stateside release.

Video for "Sinking Loveboat": vimeo.com/105002630
Video for "Wszystko co stałe": vimeo.com/50517909

6. Liimanarina - "1 More Fuck-Off 4 The Road (Välillä Pillua)"
-Liimanarina are legends. This track will be featured on the their split C60 w/ Zuge, titled “Dokauschwitz” / “Alcoholocaust”. Download will come with a PDF zine.


7. The Dance Asthmatics - "Liquid Lunch"
-Christchurch no-wave/post-punkers, who share members with BnP, T54, and more. This track will be featured on an upcoming still untitled EP, due out in the spring.


8. Virvon Varvon - "Mind Cancer"
-A crew of UK veterans, featuring members of Black Time, Wake Up Dead, Candy Highway, and more. Their debut EP, out this summer on 80/81 Records, will feature this and three other songs.


9. Atatakakatta - "Something More"
-A "Post-Punk Tropical Noise Band" from Munich, Germany. No releases as of yet, although they've gained quite a reputation for their live shows over the last few years, and they should have a full-length due out sometime soon. The band also shares a member with an another up-and-coming German post-punk band, Friends Of Gas.

Live video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8aqYgU16ug

10. Monotony - "Human Troll"
-(aka Sauna Youth). After a wildly successful debut cassette in 2014, which resulted in their performing on BBC Radio 6, Monotony will follow it all up with a 7'' this summer on 80/81 Records. In the meantime there will be an intense amount of touring for the band, before their Sauna Youth LP is unleashed on the world this fall and they're forced to shift gears..


11. Rathaus - "Seesaw"
-The NYC crew behind the criminally overlooked Brainplan Records. One of the bands to watch in 2015 and beyond. Raucous punk rock that goes straight for the jugular.


12. The Kuksugers - Livet Leker (Tusen Nålar)/Jag Är En Hipster
-Two dudes from Sweden who peddle an anarchic and messy brand of hardcore/punk, that has an almost improvisational feel. As in, they set up to record, start wailing, screaming and spewing, then halt before the one minute mark., abandoning a track whether it's technically finished or not. They're done when they're done and a song has fuck all to say about it. The majority of the time they do pull memorable chunks of clamor out of thin air. There’s no serious or earnest deference paid to any hardcore or punk tradition, American or otherwise. No posturing. They deal strictly in chaos.

Kuksugers Demos I & II: tinyurl.com/kuksuersdemos1and2

13. Atom Mouth Gimlies - "Sorry Ma"
-Shit-fi garage-noise let loose without restraint, and the Gimlies avoid copping any of the moves that tend to drag this style towards tedium. "Sorry Ma" was featured on their 2014 "At El Jumo" 7" EP and appears c/o Jumatsuga Records.


14. The Moonrakers - "Gabrielle Hamilton! Cleopatra! Gabrielle Hamilton!"
-New Zealand's Moonrakers are “a North Otago rock n roll nightmare of ungodly noise played by no one with any musical ability over nails on blackboard pitch vocals.” They also seem to write a song an hour, so contributing an exclusive song for the comp was no sweat for them. And honestly, it's one of my favorites Moonrakers tracks yet. They've recorded non-stop the last three years, and they've got a few cassettes on the esteemed Epic Sweep to show for it.


15.Norymberga are an experimental hardcore band from Wroclaw, Poland, featuring Kuba from Kurws/Pustostany. This track appears on their debut S/T CS, which comes c/o of B.D.T.A Records

Live, 6/30/2013: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tBrf9vYHGA

16. Commiserations - "Slow Song"
-This one will be featured on their debut 7" EP, out this summer on 80/81 Records. Recorded fall of 2014.

17. BnP - "FD Slug"
-BnP are perhaps THE punk band in New Zealand right now and, despite rumors to the contrary, they are still very much active. In fact, this track was recorded in January of 2015. They have an LP due on 80/81 Records in late 2015. Expect it to be much darker than previous efforts.


18. Zuge - "Masentava Maanantai/Depressing Monday"
-Finland's Zuge is a solo project of William Vihainen. His split CS with Liimanarina is due by the end of February and'll feature 12 new tracks, including the one above.


19. Kurws - "Weltgeist"
-Kurws are the heart of the Polish avant-garde. This song was featured on last year's "Wszystko co stałe rozpływa się w powietrzu" CD, which will see a European vinyl release sometime soon on Gaffer Records.

Video for "Psy Płaskiego": vimeo.com/79551780

20. Soluttautujat - "Marionetti"
-Soluttautujat is a Finnish punk band led by Zuge's William Vihainen. This track comes from their 2014 demo.

21. Virvon Varvon - "Radical"
-An exclusive to this comp. Recorded in the fall of 2014.

22. Mosquito Ego - "Fallout"
-An exclusive to this comp as of right now as well, but will be considered for their debut LP, out late 2015 on 80/81 Records. Recorded in Stuggart, Germany, fall of 2014

23. Chandails - "We Wandered"
-It’s been a couple of years since Phoenix, Arizona’s Chandails have made any noise. Turns out they’re still together and are currently recording new material. Look for a cassette to be released sometime this year. This track is from their recent recording sessions. For fans of Albert’s Basement, Quemada, Soft Abuse, Little Big Chief, Fishrider, a quarter of the releases on Virtual Cool, etc.

24. Liimanarina - "Kukaan Ei Blues Laula Niinku Sokee Jeffrey Lee Pierce (P - Mollissa)"
-The Swedes love Britney Spears


released January 31, 2015



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